Donor Advised Fund at Berkeley

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How It Works


Stocks and/or Bonds

Real Estate

  1. With a gift to Berkeley of cash, securities, or property, you can create a donor advised fund.
  2. Make annual fund distribution recommendations to support programs at Berkeley, as well as other charities.
  3. After your lifetime, all or a portion of the remaining assets pass to Berkeley.

How You Benefit

Income Tax Deduction

Capital Gains Tax Benefit*


  • Streamline your gift planning by using your fund as the primary source of your charitable giving.
  • Get an immediate income tax charitable deduction based on the full fair market value of the assets and avoid capital gains tax.
  • Maximize your tax benefits by making gifts to your fund at any time without having to recommend distributions until you're ready.
  • Your fund assets grow tax-free, are professionally managed, and are invested in institutional-quality no-load mutual funds.
  • We administer the fund, make the distributions in the fund's name, and provide you with all necessary tax-reporting information.
  • You can add to the fund at any time.

*For appreciated assests suchs as stocks/bonds and real estate held more than one year

For more in-depth information, please call one of our experts at 510-642-6300.