Charitable Gift Annuity

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  • Cash

  • Stocks and/or Bonds

How it works:

  1. Make a gift of cash or securities to Berkeley. The gift can be established with $20,000 or more.
  2. We will pay to you — or to one or two individuals that you name — fixed annuity payments for life.  
  3. When the contract ends, the remainder of the annuity is used to support the Berkeley programs you designate.
  • Income

  • Income Tax Deduction

  • Capital Gains Tax Benefit

  • Flexibility

How you Benefit:

  • Receive an income tax charitable deduction at the time of the gift. (We can provide sample deduction calculations.)
  • Your lifetime payments are backed by a reserve and the general assets of Berkeley.
  • Get favorable tax treatment for a portion of your annuity payments, including a tax-free portion for gifts of cash.
  • An excellent way to diversify your assets.
For more in-depth information, please call one of our experts at 800-200-0575.